Validate application input

Validating application input

It’s important to know that when you are parsing user input, the best choice is the TryParse method. Throwing exceptions for “normal” errors is not a best practice. TryParse just returns false when the value can’t be parsed.

Perform symmetric and asymmetric encryption


Try to remember the differences between symmetric and asymmetric algorithms. A symmetric algorithm uses one key; an asymmetric algorithm uses two: a key pair that consists of both a public and a private key.

Manage assemblies

Versioning assemblies

The probing option can be used only to point to locations that are relative to the application path. If you want to locate assemblies somewhere else, you have to use the codebase element.

Debug an application

Program database files and symbols

Remember how important it is to save your PDB files somewhere. If you throw them away, you immediately lose the opportunity to debug that specific build of your application.