About me


My name is John Goodwin. I'm a very experienced, talented software developer who always seems to be looking for work.

For the past 10 years I have been working on websites and web applications, but my area of expertise is general programming.


Degree in Computer Science, QMC London University.

Passed with 1st class honours, then started a PhD in functional programming languages. Worked myself crazy (literally), crashed out after 9 months and never completed.

This was taken just afterwards in 1990 when I got a job at a US defence firm without realising it. Too young, no common sense.


Since then its been various jobs as a Software Developer, leaving the past behind and concentrating on software and family.

The geek thing has made working with people difficult. A very tolerant employer let me work at home for 10 years. Later on I started wearing sunglasses in the office, then things got a lot easier.

Now you can hardly see the crazy...