Checkers 1.3 - Download

Click on the button below to download the game. The download site also has a review of the game, and opinions on the game from actual users.

Download Checkers 1.3
Checkers - CNET
Over 500,000 downloads so far

After the download has completed, open the file and the game installer will start. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game. Please note: Windows 10 users will get a warning about "Unknown Publisher". To install the game anyway click Yes.

Other download sites

You can download the game direct from To download now, click on the following link. Your browser may ask you whether to "Save" or "Open" the file. Choose "Save" and choose a location for the downloaded file.

Download Checkers 1.3
Full version (920 kb)
about 5 minutes for a 56k connection

To install the game open the downloaded file by pressing 'Open' on the download window, or finding the file (called chkwin13.exe) using Windows Explorer and double-clicking on it.