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DX-Ball is a free arcade game by Michael P. Welch. It has got to be the best Breakout-style game ever. The object of the game is to bounce your ball around the screen with your paddle, breaking bricks, collecting points and power-ups as you go. Once all the bricks are destroyed, you move to the next level. If you drop the ball, you lose a life. The game has 50 different levels, lots of power-ups and in-game music.

Click here for a full-size screen shot
Click here for a full-size screen shot


There are many different power-ups to collect in DX-Ball.

Blue power-ups are usually good.
Grey power-ups are sometimes good, sometimes bad.
Red power-ups are usually bad.

Lasers Add guns to your paddle.
Grab Paddle Balls stick to the paddle, rather than bounce.
Fireball Balls catch fire, exploding everything they hit.
Explosion All exploding bricks blow up at once.
Extra Life Gain an extra life.
Grow Bricks Exploding bricks grow in number.
Next Level Jumps straight to the next level.
Slow Ball Balls slow down a lot.
Thru Ball Balls and lasers cut straight through the bricks.
Zap Bricks Turns unbreakable bricks into normal ones.
Grow Paddle Your paddle gets bigger.
Shrink Paddle Your paddle gets smaller.
Split Ball Balls split into two separate balls.
Falling Bricks Bricks start moving closer to your paddle.
Speed Ball Ball starts moving at maximum speed.
Lose Life You lose a life.
Small Paddle Makes your paddle very small.
Shrink Ball Your ball shrinks.

DX-Ball 2

Visit Longbow Games to find out about DX-Ball 2. This new version is a big improvement on the original, with better graphics, sound and some new power-ups. This game is available on Steam and comes with 150 levels to start with (expansion packs are available).